Waynesburg University Dorms

If you are a student at Waynesburg University, you have probably been considering living on campus. Although the traditional freshman dorms can be a little dreary, students tend to enjoy the college experience overall. If you are not sure where to stay, read on for tips for choosing a residence hall. We have reviewed Martin Hall, Willison Hall, Pollock Residence Hall, and more. All of these are excellent choices, and will help you find a place that suits your needs.

Martin Hall

The Martin Hall, Waynesburg University dorms are located near the campus and house over 180 students. The hall is coed with single-gender rooms located near each other, but students can also request a room of the opposite gender. The dorm features flexible furniture that allows students to set up their rooms as they see fit. The dorm is also located close to the IM Building, the Pegula Ice Arena, and the Arboretum.

The rooms in Martin Hall are roughly 16 feet long by 11 feet wide and feature a closet, modular desk, shelving, and a window. It is recommended that students bring two or three fans with them to the dorm as it can get very hot without the windows being open. Students should also bring an extra pillow for when the weather is particularly hot. Martin Hall is close to the campus’s tennis courts and the bus stop, so they should be easily accessible from either one.

Willison Hall

Waynesburg University’s Willison Hall is a suite-style residence hall, suited for upperclassmen who are focused on rigorous course work. The facility offers double and triple rooms, with prices varying depending on the number of bedrooms you need. The spacious hall provides air conditioning and a comfortable living area. In addition, each room has its own private bathroom, fridge, and microwave. Students can enjoy activities such as ping pong or study in the lounge. A laundry facility is also available in the building.

Willison Hall houses more than 350 students and has been designed by the DRAW Collective. The three-building complex is adjacent to the Stover Campus Center and shaped the design of the subsequent residence halls. Multiple buildings were designed to match the campus’ existing architecture while adding semi-private living areas. Pollock Hall, which is a four-story facility, and Willison Hall, which is seven stories, provide a comfortable space for a large number of students.

Pollock Hall

Pollock Hall, a suite-style residence, is one of Waynesburg’s residential buildings. It was completed in August 2005 and houses 126 male students. This building was named after Albert Lewis Thayer, an alumnus of the University who served as its president. In addition to Thayer Hall, there are four other upperclassmen residence halls: West, South, and East. Pollock is located between Buhl Hall and Thayer Hall.

The university’s campus is surrounded by four parks. One park is the westernmost, containing a bridge. Another one is Fountain Park, and it sits in front of Hanna Hall. The fourth park, Statue Park, is between Buhl Hall and Stewart Hall. It features a statue dedicated to the Civil War. Together, these parks cover 15 acres of the campus.

Pollock Residence Hall

Prior to the opening of Pollock Residence Hall at Waynesburg University, temporary housing was built on campus. This housing served the needs of a much larger resident student population. Now, temporary housing is used for storage and the University is reinvesting in new housing, according to Matt Pioch, director of housing. One thing that is definitely coming to Pollock is new furniture. Pollock is a six-story suite residence.

Students living in Pollock have the opportunity to share a bathroom and a shared living space. Natural light and views can be found in every room, and sleeping functions are divided by personal areas. During the construction process, Waynesburg University engaged a firm called the DRAW Collective to expedite the construction of Pollock and Willison Halls. Both buildings include 140 beds. Students can choose between two different living options depending on their preferences and needs.

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