University of Notre Dame 88 Guy Street Broome Campus

The University of Notre Dame’s Broome campus is home to the Nulungu Research Institute, which specializes in topics including native title, sustainable futures, organisational landscapes, linguistics, carbon farming, and alternative food production systems. The campus also boasts a variety of housing options for students and employees, including student apartments and private homes. Here, students can find all the information they need to succeed while studying at Notre Dame.

Accommodation Coordinator

The University of Notre Dame Broome Campus has 28 on-campus student accommodation units and nine self-contained houses. Students can choose to stay in one of the on-campus units or find a home on campus. Accommodation is available in shared, single, and family rooms, as well as in dormitories. Students may request a room with a shared bathroom. A kitchen is also available on the campus for the students’ use.

For more information, please visit the University of Notre Dame Australia web page. The University is required by law to provide current accreditation information to prospective students. You can also contact the University directly through its website or professional bodies. The University of Notre Dame Australia does not accept any liability for loss or damage caused by a failure to comply with the policies and regulations outlined in this Course Guide.

Nulungu Research Institute

Located at the University of Notre Dame Australia’s Broome campus, the Nulungu Research Institute is a Kimberley-based organisation which provides a focus on Indigenous research and training at local, regional, and national levels. The institute values the knowledge of traditional Indigenous communities and places an emphasis on education, health, and cultural security. The team’s research has a global reach, and projects have benefitted the local, regional, and national communities.

The Broome campus is a multidisciplinary educational centre offering post-secondary studies and vocational training programs. There is also an enrolled nursing school and VET courses. VET courses give participants qualifications in their own right, and are often pathways into higher education degree courses. While students may not be able to choose a higher education program if they do not meet admission requirements, the institute’s diverse faculty and staff offer opportunities to enhance a student’s knowledge base through research, education, and community engagement.


Accommodation at the University of Notre Dame 88 Guy Street Broome campus provides a friendly and supportive environment for students. Its campus is home to a diverse multicultural community with a focus on reconciliation. Students are provided with on-campus living in a variety of suites that are fully or partially furnished. In addition, students can find nearby guest houses and residential colleges. Accommodation on campus is free and available for any enrolled student.

The Broome campus is home to the Nulungu Research Institute, which specializes in issues of Indigenous land rights, sustainable futures, linguistics, alternative food production systems, and carbon farming. Located between South Dining Hall and Pangborn Hall, this campus is perfect for students looking for accommodation in Broome. The university also offers a wide range of student clubs and societies. You can easily access these places from your accommodation.


The University of Notre Dame Australia is a leading institution of higher learning with campuses in Sydney, Perth, and Broome, Western Australia. There are seven clinical schools throughout New South Wales and Victoria, offering high quality education across a range of disciplines. These campuses place an emphasis on professional experience and work-integrated learning. The Broome location is 20 minutes from town. Students may take a bus or taxi from Broome airport.

Students at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome campus can pursue a number of degrees. There are a variety of courses to choose from, including the Bachelor of Science in Geography, Master of Arts in English, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, and the Doctor of Nursing. The University is also home to the Nulungu Research Institute, which focuses on indigenous title, linguistics, sustainable futures, and caring for country.

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