University of Houston eSports

With esports predicted to bring in $1 billion this year, college campuses are getting into the game. University of Houston Downtown recently unveiled a new esports center with 16 gaming stations and an instructor station. Already, several teams are forming and an intramural league is underway. The university hopes to form a varsity gaming team by the Fall of 2019.


If you’re looking for a way to get involved in collegiate esports in Houston, then UHD eSPORTS is the team for you! This team of University of Houston-Downtown students competes in the world’s best eSports tournaments. Their team ethos focuses on character development, promoting friendship, and winning at the highest level. Tryouts are open to the public and teams lock in about a month before major competitions.

UST eSports

eSports has gained in popularity in recent years, and the University of Houston eSports program is no exception. Comprised of students from the University of Houston-Downtown, the esports program focuses on building character, friendship, and competitive gaming in an environment that’s open to all. Team members can tryout for any position, and must lock in to a roster about a month before major competitions.

To date, the esports industry has generated $1 billion in revenue, and college campuses are getting involved. In November, UST unveiled a new esports center on campus with 16 gaming stations and an instructor station. Several teams have formed, and the university hopes to field a varsity gaming team by Fall 2019.

St. Thomas Celts

The University of Texas-St. Thomas launched their esports team on Aug. 31, with the new facility featuring futuristic design, black painted walls, neon lights, and a custom logo combining flames for a mane. The facility also features 13 gaming stations with Alienware 240hz Refresh Rate Monitors, Intel i5-10600K processors, Nvidia RTX 360 graphics cards, and more.

The UST esports team competed in a tournament, the Gateway Legends Collegiate Invitational. The team placed third. UST student athletes were introduced to esports by Dr. Beena George. It is the fastest growing industry in the world, and it gives a unique insight into the gaming industry. Justin Pelt, the head of the UST esports team, explained that the university was able to secure funding by partnering with Mainline GG, a media company that supports the esports industry, and is developing educational programming for college students.

St. Thomas eSports

On Aug. 31, the University of Houston St. Thomas eSports team won $50,000 in prize money in the College LoL Championship in Los Angeles. The team beat out seven other top teams, including Maryville University in second place, Western University in third, Converse College in fourth place, and Michigan State, the defending champs. The team also got to visit the Junkbuck Boot Camp. The eSports organization hosted a daylong event for the team.

A new eSports program is opening soon at the University of Houston St. Thomas, which has a strong partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft has invested billions in the gaming industry and recently purchased interactive entertainment publisher ZeniMax for $7.5 billion. The company expects to continue to grow the esports industry in Houston in the coming years. And while the Houston eSports industry is in its early stages, it’s growing at a rapid pace – and it’s just getting started.

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