Tiny Tech University Could Be the Next Microsoft

The team behind Tiny Tech University is comprised of talented individuals from the VCU School of Business, Engineering, and Brandcenter, including Umar Hasni, Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering and Margaret Karles, a student in Brandcenter’s Experience Design Program. They are all united by their common mission of making technology safer. But how do they make their vision a reality? They’ll share some of their secrets below.

EM radiation shielding for cell phones

Trained scientists and engineers at a tiny tech university have created a new way to protect cell phones from EM radiation. They developed the alara technology, which they say allows cell phones to transmit at a lower power without increasing the risk of exposure. This innovative material has been tested against various shielding, blocking, and absorbing methods in labs that are certified by the Federal Communications Commission. They also say that this new technology does not reduce the signal strength.

This type of material can significantly reduce the amount of EM radiation. It can also shield the entire room or a small area of an electrical source. However, because the shields are expensive, they are typically used in apartment buildings or other high-density areas with more cell phone masts than other types of buildings. Fortunately, these shielding solutions are available and can reduce the level of radiation in a space significantly.

Another way to reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation is to wear a special type of fabric. Tiny Tech developed this fabric for its new cell phone case called the WaveWall. It is made of metallic fibres and is sandwiched between microfibre lining and leather on one side. The WaveWall reduces the amount of radiation by 87%. It is a well-established scientific concept applied to a new use.


A well-to-do investor bought nearly sixty million shares of the stock. Another investor, a multibillion-dollar fund manager, bought more than four million shares. That’s the smart money in tech. This tech stock could be the next Microsoft, and it’s founded by smart people. In the next few years, technology could change society. It’s a good time to invest in tech stocks, especially if you are interested in how technology will change society.


The phone number of Tiny Tech University is listed below. You can also find the address of this university online. They are located at 3745 Shawnee Rd in Lima, Ohio. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them. This is the best way to get information about the university and the programs they offer. If you are interested in attending the school, you can find more information about it at their website.

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