Slocum Hall at Syracuse University

The historic atrium space in Slocum Hall at Syracuse University is a focal point for students at the School of Architecture. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has a striking limestone and granite exterior, including a grand main entrance and massive columns facing College Place. Inside, it features a grand atrium that illuminates the upper four floors. Located in the heart of campus, it is the perfect place to study architecture or conduct research.

Renovation of slocum hall syracuse university

The School of Architecture at Syracuse University is moving to a new facility while Slocum Hall is undergoing a two-year renovation. The new building will be known as the Warehouse and will house various SU programs. The renovation is designed by James Garrison and will cost $12 million. Students can look forward to the new facility when it opens in fall 2008.

The Hall of Languages is located in the College of Arts and Sciences. It was built in 1876, but was undergoing a renovation in 1978. The new building preserved the elegant exterior architecture of the original building, while providing classrooms for approximately 2,235 students. It also features offices for many departments, including English and textual studies, philosophy and religion, and many others. There are more than ten different rooms available for students to study.

The architecture faculty worked with the architecture department to streamline the library’s collection. A large section of the room was taken up by the circulation desk, which housed non-essential books and an office for the University’s Architecture Librarian, Barbara Opar. The renovation helped jumpstart the digitization process for the library’s collection of working drawings. The majority of the working drawings were shipped to the main library, awaiting digitization.

Renovation of atrium space

The renovation of atrium space at Slocum Hall at Syracuse University aims to enhance natural light. The building had been closed for several decades, and had undergone numerous modifications. The original auditorium and monumental entry stair were removed. The central atrium space was renovated to provide natural light and better function. The renovation also increased energy efficiency, which is critical in a building that is often subject to high electricity bills.

The renovation project began in 1976, and included the re-creation of the atrium space and the addition of a new gallery and auditorium. The design also included expanded studio and research facilities, and faculty offices. The renovated space also features a cafe and several public review spaces. The new atrium is designed to enhance the school’s reputation as a leader in a dynamic architecture program.

Location on campus

The School of Architecture at Syracuse University is located in Slocum Hall on the campus. The building has consistently been named one of the best in the nation. A recent redesign of the building incorporated modern technology and energy efficiency. Slocum Hall now hosts public lectures and exhibitions by important contributors to the field of architecture. In addition, it includes two computer labs and a wood shop. The building also features laser cutters, a cnc mill, and a 3D printer.

The school’s Florence program is often considered the “jewel in the crown” of its architecture curriculum, playing a strategic role between third and fifth years of undergraduate study. Dean Bruce Abbey, formerly the chair and associate dean of the University of Virginia, was appointed to lead the School of Architecture in 1990. During a period of demographic change, Syracuse University decided to evaluate its programs and re-invest in Slocum Hall.

National Register of Historic Places listing

The architecture department at Syracuse University is proud to feature the historic Slocum Hall as one of its landmark buildings. It was designed by renowned architect James Garrison, who received funding from philanthropist Mrs. Russell Sage. Work on the project began in April 1916 but was halted by World War I and labor shortages. Despite this setback, Slocum Hall was opened in 1919. The building was shared by the School of Architecture and the Joseph Slocum School of Agriculture, Fine Arts, and Home Economics. In addition to the architecture school, Slocum Hall also houses Syracuse University’s School of Business.

The architecture department will renovate the historic Slocum Hall, adding a new Department of Design shop area. It will also add new Machinery to the campus. There will be a dedication ceremony for the University’s academic and athletic excellence in the Fall. The building sits on 50 acres of land that overlooks the city. It is home to a variety of programs including graduate studies in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

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