“Rent Money” by Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige

Mary J. Blige has given us a very personal insight into what the term “Rent Money” means. The singer reveals that she was forced to pay alimony to her ex-husband who was running through her money. In the interview with Charlamagne, Blige clarified that alimony was not enough to cover her overhead, which is why she had to work.

Alicia Keys

“Rent Money” by Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige is a hot new song that will surely make you feel good about yourself. Both women are no strangers to the music industry as they have released a string of hits. This track is a fun listen and is available on all streaming services. The video for the song is directed by Eif Rivera and features both artists in the lead roles.

The song is in the Hip Hop/Pop genre. The video was released as part of the 2022 project, and includes contributions from Alicia Keys, T.I., A$AP Ferg, Vic Mensa, and other artists. In its video premiere, Mary J. Blige urged President Obama to launch a Truth Commission. Both singers have been working to bring about change for years.


“Rent Money” by Mary J. Blige is the latest song from the legendary R&B singer. The track features Dave East and is directed by Eif Rivera. The song is taken from her latest album, Good Morning Gorgeous, which features guest appearances from Usher, Dave East, and Anderson Paak. It is available on all major digital streaming services. You can listen to Rent Money online or download it to your computer.

In a recent interview with Dave East, MJB revealed that she spent her entire career on her marriage to her ex-husband, who was not only unfaithful, but also ran through her money. She was forced to pay alimony to him, but the amount was not enough to cover her overhead costs and the artist needed to earn more money to survive. In order to earn more money, Mary J. Blige explained that she had to work in order to pay off the debt.

Rapsapo Ferg

In her latest collaboration, Rapsapo Ferg and Mary J. Blige have released a song called “Rent Money.” It features piano and horns, and the two artists sound like they are having a conversation. It’s clear that the two have a great chemistry together, and the song has a catchy hook. However, it’s the lyrical content that keeps fans listening.

The track is from Rapsapo Ferg’s new album, “Good Morning Gorgeous.” It is a powerful piece of work and carries the same sentiments that Blige has expressed in her lyrics over the years. Blige is known for her powerful lyrics, and this song exemplifies her talent perfectly. She is a nine-time Grammy winner and is regarded as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. She will also perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show.


In December, Mary J. Blige released her new single “Rent Money” alongside DJ Khalid. The song will be featured on her upcoming album, Good Morning Gorgeous. The album will also include guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. The album is available on digital streaming services. The video for “Rent Money” is below. It’s an upbeat anthem that’s sure to please many music fans.

On “Rent Money,” Mary J. Blige features Harlem rapper Dave East. The track, co-written by Blige and Dave East, is a fun listen and has been a fan favorite for a while. It’s a great way to celebrate the birthday of the multi-talented singer. In the video, she raps about scavenging couch cushions for loose change, and Dave East dedicates a verse to her.

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