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Playtech Quantum Roulette

Roulette may have originated in the 17th century and was invented in France in the 18th century. Roulette has been associated with casinos for a long time, and its popularity hasn’t dwindled. Modern casinos provide both single and double zero wheels since the game has evolved.

Quantum Roulette, which mixes Live Roulette with high bonuses and ‘Quantum’ features, is one of the most thrilling table games available.

The Format of Quantum Roulette

Playtech published Quantum Roulette in September 2019. The game is run by a live dealer, but a computer controls the classic single zero wheel. An automated slingshot delivers this ball, which decides the winning number, to the wheel.

The game is presented by a dedicated studio for a rich and immersive experience. The wheel dominates the screen, while a table is shown underneath. This arrangement is identical to European Roulette, with a single green 0 on the far left and the numbers 1 to 36 in three columns of twelve numbers each.

CGI doors behind the wheels look like they belong in TRON. throughout addition to enhancing the game’s sci-fi ambiance, these virtual doors open and close to indicate distinct levels throughout each round.

Quantum Roulette: Betting

A Quantum Roulette round starts with betting. Betting here is as simple as choosing a chip value and placing it on the table layout that matches your stake.

As an example:

You can wager on the following number being 1-18, EVEN, RED, BLACK, ODD, or 19-36 at the bottom of the table. If right, all these bets pay 1:1 odds.

In the row above, you can wager on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd 12. Betting here covers the dozen numbers above. You get 2:1 odds if any of those numbers hits.

On the far right of the layout, place a chip on any of the three 2 to 1 regions to cover all the numbers in the column. Your bet would be settled at 2:1 if any of those numbers win.

Bet Straight Up on any layout number with a chip. In standard European Roulette, this pays 35:1, whereas here it pays 29:1. Quantum Roulette multiplies Straight Up bets, as we’ll demonstrate.

Multipliers in Quantum Roulette

Multipliers distinguish this game. One virtual orb will emerge above the wheel after all bets are put. A Random Number Generator (RNG) will then generate up to five multipliers of 50x to 500x in 50x increments. Every multiplier will have a unique number and appear in the right place on the table.

Quantum Roulette: Boost and Leap

At this point, a Quantum Boost or Quantum Leap can be randomly triggered. Quantum Boosts enhance all active multipliers by 50. Quantum leaps double or treble some active multipliers.

All of this is wonderful news for Straight Up players, but the maximum payout for any number is 500x. This applies even if a Quantum Leap is used to increase the multiplier.

Winners and losers in quantum roulette

The game continues as usual when all multipliers are generated and any Quantum Boost or Quantum Leap occurs. The wheel will be shown top-down as the ball rolls around and lands on the winning number. You will win if you bet on that number, either Straight Up or Multi-number. Opening betting for the next wheel spin follows.

Quantum Roulette tactics

Quantum Roulette is not a typical game of roulette and should not be treated as such. Quantum Roulette allows all the usual bets, including Special Bets and Racetrack Bets, but is meant for Straight Up players.

Live Roulette may be better for ‘safe’ bets like Red or Black. If you like Straight Up bets, Quantum Roulette may be better played strategically.

Strategy #1

Since up to five numbers can be multiplied in a round, Straight Up bets on multiple numbers may make sense. You could gamble on all 36 numbers since the game pays 29:1 for a winning non-multiplied number. That’s our initial method.

This strategy guarantees a winner on every spin (unless the green 0 appears) and lets you benefit from multiplied winning numbers. Even a 29:1 win loses 6 points, and a green 0 loses all 36 points, hence this method is ideal for lower stakes. You can also wager on the green 0 to even things out.

Strategy 2

Try betting 30 single numbers instead of 36. This round has a 30 in 37 (81.08%) probability of breaking even and a 7 in 37 (18.91%) chance of losing all the chips bet. You can wager on those values, which include the green 0, like the prior approach. If you’re covering 30 numbers, including the green 0, you might as well cover the wheel and risk it.

Strategy #3

Our third approach is smaller. Since five numbers can receive a multiplier, you could place one chip on each. Place five chips on an even-money outcome. That gives you a 48.64% chance of breaking even, and if Lady Luck is on your side, one of your five singles could hit at 29:1 or more with a multiplier.






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