Nearest Airport to Princeton University

Newark Liberty International airport is the nearest airport to Princeton University, and is your best bet for domestic flights. Located just two miles away from Princeton, it is accessible by train, taxi, and car. Here are some tips for getting to Princeton and avoiding the traffic jams. We’ll also touch on how to get to Princeton on the subway, and more. We hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions!

Newark Liberty International Airport

The closest airport to Princeton University is the Newark Liberty International Airport, which was originally called the “Newark Metropolitan Airport” but later changed its name to “Newark International Airport.” It is located between Newark and Elizabeth, in the Union County, just south of downtown Philadelphia. Princeton University is just five miles from the airport. The airport is served by several airlines, including United, Delta, American Airlines, and JetBlue.

The nearest airport to Princeton is located approximately 30 miles away. Princeton can be reached by car, bus, or Uber. Trains to Princeton can be found near Trenton, NJ. New Jersey Transit trains also service Princeton. The train station is located one mile from the Institute for Advanced Study. The train, however, can be full of luggage and can be a challenge for students. Therefore, travelers should make plans in advance to avoid the long waits at the train station.

Newark Penn Station

The closest airport to Princeton University is Newark Liberty International Airport, approximately one hour away. Princeton is also easily accessible by train. The Princeton Junction and Back Branch, known locally as the “Dinky,” is located on Alexander Street at the southern end of campus. NJ Transit buses and trains also serve the campus. For the cheapest and easiest ground transportation, choose NJ Transit. The train runs along the Northeast Corridor and stops at Priceton Junction.

To reach Princeton University, take NJ Transit train from the airport to the campus. The train makes stops at Trenton and Newark, and then Princeton Junction. You can take the train or a taxi for about $50-$60. If you’re traveling by car, check out the Princeton University’s travel page for directions. Alternatively, if you’re taking a train, Newark Penn Station is the closest airport to Princeton.

Raritan Valley Line

The Raritan Valley Line, New Jersey’s newest airport, is the closest major city airport to Princeton University. Its 10-mile long, designated asphalt runway is the shortest route from the city center to Princeton University. There are two bus lines in the area, one for South Orange Avenue and the other for Market Street. It is also possible to catch a taxi. A bus to Princeton University departs from Market Street in Maplewood.

If you are traveling from New York or Europe, the closest major airport is Newark-Mercer Airport, located three miles northwest of Downtown Princeton. It was previously the privately owned Forrestal Airport, which was located on University property and 2 miles east of the main campus. The closest commercial airport to Princeton is Trenton-Mercer Airport, which is approximately fifteen miles from campus. It is serviced by Frontier Airlines and offers nonstop flights to 17 cities. If you’re coming from Philadelphia, the closest major airport is Newark Liberty International Airport, located 52 miles away.

Philadelphia International Airport

If you are planning to fly to Princeton University, the nearest airport is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). You can take a flight to this city from other major US airports such as Newark Liberty International Airport, JFK International Airport, or LaGuardia International. These airports are approximately a two-hour drive from Princeton. If you are flying in from another state, it is best to use Philadelphia International Airport.

If you’re flying in from another airport, the nearest one is Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN). It is located just northwest of Princeton in Ewing. The airport’s IATA code is TTN. For travelers who are planning to fly into Philadelphia, another option is the Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE), located 8.4 miles northwest of Princeton. Both of these airports have direct connections to Princeton University.

Lehigh Valley Airport

There are two major airports within driving distance of Princeton University. The nearest, Trenton-Mercer Airport, is 53 miles from campus. It is also located near Philadelphia, which is 55 miles away. Both Trenton and Philadelphia have international and domestic flights. You can rent a car at either airport. You can also take the Princeton Airporter train between these two locations. If you are flying to Princeton, you will want to know how far these airports are from Princeton.

The nearest airport to Princeton University is located in Philadelphia. Getting to Princeton University from this airport is simple. Taking Route 1 South from the airport will get you to the university in about an hour and a half. From there, take the exit for Princeton on Fisher or Harrison streets. If you are coming from New Jersey, you should take Route 1 North. You will be greeted with a sign for Route 1 South. Follow this road to Princeton. When you arrive, you will find the Nassau Inn under an arch.

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