Mia Roy, an Understudy at Indiana University, Has Died

The death of a recent Indiana University student has left people scratching their heads. Mia Roy, a member of the Media School and a resident of Crown Point, Indiana, was discovered dead at her townhouse on Tuesday afternoon. A call to the Bloomington Police Department led to an investigation. Although no evidence pointed to self-harm, police say the investigation is progressing. No treachery is suspected. As of now, police are not releasing any further information.

Mia roy was a student at Indiana University

An understudy at Indiana University was found dead off campus Tuesday. The Bloomington Police Department was called to her apartment for a welfare check. A Monroe County Coroner’s Office identified her body and scheduled an autopsy for today. The coroner’s office said no foul play was suspected, although it is too early to say for sure. The Bloomington Police Department is investigating the death.

Students who missed school because of the coronavirus are now filing a lawsuit against the school for reimbursement of spring semester tuition. The coronavirus outbreak forced the university to move instruction to the Internet, extending spring break by a week and beginning online courses on March 30. The plaintiff in the lawsuit, Justin Spiegel, is a student studying informatics at the Bloomington campus and is asking for reimbursement of certain fees.

She was found dead in her townhouse

Despite the tragic news, the IU Police Department says the investigation is ongoing and it’s unlikely any charges will be filed in connection with the death. The University declined to release additional information about Rachael Fiege’s death. Her toxicology and autopsy reports were not released by the Monroe County Coroner. Meanwhile, family and friends have recreated the tragedy on social media. A grief counselor has been called in to help the students and faculty deal with the loss of a friend.

The two men and women were known to each other, but their relationship was complicated by their differences. The two women were friends who had met at summer camp in Pennsylvania. The two texted each other before they left for a party two blocks away. The surveillance video from the apartment shows Spierer leaving her apartment around 12:30 a.m. Then, they never saw each other again. Their bodies were discovered two days later.

She was a member of the Media School

A transition from student to media professional is never smooth, but there are some commonalities between Media School graduates. Shanahan, who joined IU from Boston University in 2015, oversees the newly formed Media School, which brings together the former School of Journalism with the Department of Telecommunications and the film component of the Department of Communication and Culture. She has overseen the development of several new degrees, including the Bachelor of Arts in media, the Bachelor of Science in game design, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in cinematic arts. Students can also pursue graduate degrees in journalism, media arts and sciences, or game design, among other options.

The Media School at Indiana University is home to the Michael I. Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism, as well as several student media outlets, such as the Indiana Daily Student, Hoosier Network, and WTUI. In addition to the Media School, IU’s Department of Communication and Culture has a long-standing partnership with the School of Journalism, which was founded in 1911. The Media School offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism and media, as well as professional certification in the field.

She was from Crown Point, IN

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