How to Get to New Mauville in Pokemon Ruby

If you’ve ever wondered how to get to New Mauville in Pokemon Ruby, you’re not alone. You’re probably wondering where the underground part of the city is, and you’re also probably wondering how to use the basement key to unlock the door. Here’s what you need to know.

How do you get to Mauville in Pokemon Ruby?

In Pokemon Ruby, you will find a small town called Mauville. There, you will find Brendan/May, a trainer in the city. If you defeat him, he will give you a Pokeblock Kit and Contest Pass. You will also get a Dowsing Machine from him.

Mauville is a multi-layered city where you can get some items and Pokemon. There’s also a gym with the Blue switch and a trainer there. If you want to get to other areas, you’ll have to take a cable car. You’ll need it to reach Mt. Chimney and Lavaridge. In Mauville, you can also find a Pokemart. It’s located north of Route 110. In addition to this, you can also find a gray house called the Gray House.

There are many ways to get to Mauville in Pokemon Ruby, and this is just a guide on how to get there. In addition to using the Poke Mart and its facilities, you can also use the HM06 power item to learn Rock Smash, which is an important item for Electric-type Pokemon. You can also get a TM from the shop in Mauville. A bike shop is also located in Mauville, owned by Rydel. There, you can purchase a Mach Bike, an Acro Bike, or a Bike that can jump over things. You can also change the bike you’re riding in Mauville at any time.

Where is underground Mauville?

If you’re wondering where underground Mauville in Pokemon Ruby is, you’ve come to the right place! There’s a power plant there. The city of Mauville lies beneath a huge power plant. You can reach it by heading east on Surfing Route 110. It’s also accessed by a small island to the east of the overheadpath. In addition to the power plant, this area is also home to Mauville Hills, a high-class apartment complex.

You can access New Mauville by going east from Route 110. You’ll need a Basement Key from Wattson to enter. Once inside, you’ll find a chamber with switch doors. Step on a corresponding colour button and a barrier will open. Stepping on a different colour will close the switch door.

In the south of the city, there’s a small fishing village called New Mauville. This is the area where you can find the Electric-type Pok√©mon. You’ll need to turn left and continue east. The cave also houses a Gym Leader, Wattson.

Where do I use the basement key in Pokemon Ruby?

The Basement Key is a special item that allows players to access new areas of the game. It can be used to open the doors to various rooms and to find items. The key is often a blue one and you can get it from the Pokeballs found in your inventory.

How do I get to downstairs in New Mauville?

In Pokemon Ruby, you can access New Mauville through the power plant below Mauville City. The power plant is hidden underneath Route 110 and is filled with Electric-type Pokemon. To enter the building, you must surf under Route 110 to the small island located east of the overhead path. You must find Wattson first, who will give you a Basement Key. You must wait for him to return before opening the door. However, once you do, you will be rewarded with the TM24, Thunderbolt.

The second floor of the city is home to Wattson, a familiar face from the previous generations of the game. He will give you the mission to shut down the Generator. Unlike other areas, New Mauville has an underground power plant that you can only reach by Surf. It is also home to the only Electric-Type in the game.

How do I get from Dewford to Mauville?

If you’re stuck in a rut and want to get to Mauville, there are a few ways you can get there. First, you can head to Route 110. You’ll see a trainer and the Pokemon Gym there. There are also a few puzzles you can solve, such as the one where you have to step on switches.

The first puzzle involves battling the gym leader. After you beat him, you’ll be rewarded with a Contest Pass, a Pokeblock Kit, and a Dowsing Machine. The second puzzle involves a walk through the mountains and completing several puzzles.

Next, you’ll need to travel to Slateport. Then, take Route 110 until you reach Mauville. You’ll find the Gym on the east side of the town’s entrance. Make sure to equip Rock Smash to get the Gym badge, which can be used to break rocks and summon wild pokemon.

What is in New Mauville?

If you’re playing Pokemon Ruby, you’ve probably wondered what is in New Mauville. It’s basically an underground power plant that’s located beneath Mauville City. You can find a small side quest here, as well as some items and wild Pokemon. While New Mauville isn’t part of the main storyline, it is an important place for many reasons.

First, it’s a power plant in Hoenn. It’s located under Mauville City, on a small island east of the overhead path. It’s also the location of the next Gym, as well as a hidden X Speed. When you visit New Mauville, you can find some items and switch locations that can help you advance in the game.

The Pokemon Center is located to the west of the Poke Mart. If you’re looking for items, you can give Harbor Mail to the girl who lives in the house next to the Poke Mart. You can also get coins at the Mauville Casino, which sells TMs and dolls. Another place where you can find items is Rydel, who owns a bike shop. You can buy a Mach Bike or an Acro Bike to be able to jump over certain things. You can also change your bike at any time while in Mauville.

What’s in Sea Mauville?

Sea Mauville is a coastal town located between Routes 105 and 109, near Slateport City. It can be reached on the first trip. To get there, you must learn how to Dive. You can also use Surf to get up to the submerged edge of the deck.

A mysterious man had gone to Sea Mauville to find treasure. He eventually discovered a collection of items, including a mega stone and a Hi Skitty doll that had belonged to his dad. The owner named his doll Takao Cozmo after his father. Another treasure in the area is an Aster, which is a reminder of someone lost.

Another place you can visit is New Mauville, which is a power plant underneath Mauville City. The area is accessible by Surfing from Route 110 east under the Seaside Cycling Road. It’s located on a small island to the east of the overhead path. While it doesn’t play a major role in the main storyline, it’s worth checking out for a small side quest, several items, and wild Pokemon.

What to do after getting goggles?

Goggles are a great way to get better visibility when you are traversing the desert. You can get them after beating the fourth gym leader, Flannery, in your home town. After defeating Flannery, pick up a pair of Goggles from the trainer May/Brendan outside Lavaridge gym. These goggles will allow you to see everything in the desert, including fossils and TM 37 Sandstorm.

Goggles are also a useful item to have in Pokemon Emerald. They help you see in a variety of situations, such as during the Raid Battle in The Ruins, which requires the use of Go-Goggles. You can also use them in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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