How to Get to Mistralton City and Mistralton Cave in Pokemon Black 2

How to Get to Mistralton City and Mistralton Cave in Pokemon Black 2

how to get to mistralton city in pokemon black 2

In Pokémon Black 2 you can find out how to get to Mistralton City. You can also explore Mistralton Cave. However, what do you need to do in Mistralton City? How do you unlock the gym there? And where do you go once you get there?

What is there to do in Mistralton City Black 2?

Mistralton City is a small town in Western Unova near the Chargestone Cave. There are a few things to do in the city. You can train your Pokemon in the Mistralton Gym. You can also visit the Mistralton Cargo Service, a building that acts as a control tower. This building has some activities, including the ability to make your Pokemon forget their moves or learn an old move. However, you must get a Heart Scale to get the move.

Mistralton also features the Celestial Tower. It contains the Wild Pokemon Litwick and Elgyem. You can also find trainers and two TMs inside of the tower. The game also features an arcade in Mistralton, and you can buy items and upgrade your Pokemon’s appearance.

If you want to catch a Flying type Pokemon, you can visit the Mistralton Gym. You can also purchase items at the Pokemon Center, which is near the entrance to the city. There is also a red house that will sell HP Up and Iron for your Pokemon. Professor Juniper will also check your Pokedex and give you a Master Ball.

What is in Mistralton cave Black 2?

Mistralton Cave, a small cave located off Route 6, is a great place to find Pok mon Cobalion. It’s a three-floor dungeon, and you can find the legendary Pokemon on the third floor in both Black and White. Also, you can find HM Strength, which you can get in Nimbasa City in a house north of the Pokemon Centre. However, you should be aware of the Hiker who is stationed in this cave and may block your path.

Once inside, you can use Pokemon with Flash move to illuminate the cave and move boulders into pits. You can also use Strength to move boulders into the cave. Level 27-30 Pokemon are also useful in this cave. The Cave also contains Dust Gems and Bug Gems, which can be found in the dust. You can also find a Trainer in the cave.

Flash is a useful move for Pokemon in Mistralton Cave. It’s not a good combat move, but it is great for illuminating dark corridors. Strength is also important, as you’ll need it to traverse the cave’s many rooms.

How do you unlock the Mistralton gym?

If you’re looking for a new gym in Pokemon Black 2, the Mistralton gym may be the place for you. This gym is located in the Mistralton City, and is based on Flying types. To access this gym, you will need to fly through several rings.

The Mistralton gym is the sixth gym in the game. It is located in Mistralton City, and is led by Gym Leader Skylar. You can also find a trainer in the gym called “Coach Mistralton” who can help you beat the challenges in the gym and give you Fresh Water. Another reason to visit the gym is to help Ghetsis find a Light Stone, which will allow her to find the Dark Stone that contains the essence of a Legendary Pokemon.

You can also visit Skyla, the leader of the Mistralton Gym, to unlock the gym. This is an optional detour, which will appear in the game after you have completed the gym in the Celestial Tower. There, you will find a large bell that you need to ring to tell Skyla that you are a compassionate, strong Pokemon.

Where do I go after Mistralton City in Black 2?

Once you have completed Mistralton City, you can move on to the next area. Route 7 has three options for players to choose. You can choose to travel on the wood plank, which is unstable, or continue on to the dirt path. This path will take you to a Trainer and a TM57 (charge beam).

In this area, you will find wild Pokemon and trainers. You can also find rare candy and items. A Backpacker will find Sandslash, Raticate, and Drilbur, while a Hiker will find Grimmer, Watchog, and Drilbur. You can also find a Rare Candy and a Hard Stone.

After Mistralton City, you can travel to Lentimas Town, which is located in the north. This area does not have a gym, but you can find a few things to do. You can also meet Skyla, the Mistralton City Gym Leader. Getting to her town will help you earn your 7th badge.

When can I go to Mistralton Cave?

Mistralton Cave is a simple cave that has three levels. It is of limited value, but it is accessible by Surf. It can be accessed by Surfing from Route 8 or Route 6. You can also access the cave from Mistralton City by traveling east from Route 6.

The cave can be found in Mistralton City in western Unova. There are two ways to access it: by using the TM56 Fling to get into the cave, or by surfing into the water. Once you reach the cave, use Strength to move boulders and reach the Guidance Chamber. Here, you will find the legendary Pokemon Cobalion.

The cave can be accessed via Route 6. The path begins from the house where scientists study the seasons. From there, you can head east to a narrow path that leads to the river. After that, surf to the dark grass on the north bank. Walk eastward until you reach a ledge with rocks. Eventually, you will find the entrance to Mistralton Cave.

Where can I find AXEW in Pokémon Black 2?

The AXEW is a Dragon-type Pokémon. It was introduced in the 5th generation of the Pokemon series. It was the partner of the anime character Iris. It has two forms – the regular and shiny. It is a bipedal creature with green scales, a dark green horn on the back of its head, and a bright green frill around its neck. It has 120 Base Power.

Axew is commonly found in windy conditions. Windy weather boosts Axew’s abilities. You can also hatch Axew eggs in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon is only available in certain regions, including the Mistralton Cave and the Nature Preserve.

The Axew can evolve into two other dragon types – Fraxure at Level 38 and Haxorus at Level 48. The Axew Egg is located in Egg Groups Monster and Dragon. It takes 10,240 Steps to hatch and 1,250,000 Experience Points to reach Level 100. This dragon-type Pokemon has a small dragon-like appearance, and does not differentiate between female and male. It first appears in Poke Park 2: The Wonders Beyond.

What Legendary Pokemon is in Challenger’s Cave?

Once upon a time, the strongest Trainers would hide in stony areas like the Challenger’s Cave. The legendaries such as Red and Shaun could be found here. The cave is located on Route 9 west of Opelucid City. You can enter it from the eastern gatehouse, which is accessible by Black Belt. Alternatively, you can take the grassy route south of the eastern gatehouse.

It is believed that the Challenger’s Cave was home to a legendary Pokemon that was once training a student. But when Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were released, it closed. However, this cave remains open in legend. It contains TM11 and has a unique cave that is similar to Amano-Iwato in real life.

The second floor contains two Trainers, Ace Trainer Terry and Veteran Beverly. These trainers use Grumpig, Furret, Gabite, Sudowoodo, and Excadrill. You will need to use the Flash ability of your pokemon to light up the cave. From there, you can enter the Challenger’s Cave and find five trainers. The first one, Backpacker Toru, uses Golbat as an attack, while the second floor trainer, Ace Trainer Terry, brings Grumpig, Scyther, and Sudowoodo.

Where is Skyla Black 2?

If you’re looking for a place to train Pokemon, you’ll want to explore Mistralton City. Fortunately, the city has a Gym and you can use it to train your Pokemon. The next part of the quest is to get to the Celestial Tower, which you can access via Route 7. Once you’ve reached the Celestial Tower, you can talk to Skyla, the Mistralton City Gym Leader.

The city is located in the western part of Unova. It’s near Route 7 and Chargestone Cave. The city also contains a Pokemon Center, although it does not sell unique Poke Balls. It does, however, sell Weather-based Technical Machines.

After picking up a TM, you’ll have to find Skyla and her sister. After you’ve done that, a kid will appear and ask you to wait for her to complete her research. Luckily, Skyla agrees.

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