Homes for Sale on University Street in Alexandria, LA

Listed below are homes for sale on University Street in Alexandria, Louisiana. The average home value in this neighborhood is $1,172. University St was built in 1966, and the average home value is $1,172. To find out more about this neighborhood, select the address below. If you’d like to see the homes for sale in this neighborhood, click the “View Listings” button to learn more. You can also find out who owns them.

900 block of University Street

A shooting that left one man dead and another wounded near the 900 block of University Street in Alexandria, LA has sparked the community’s attention. Alexandria Police have arrested a 15-year-old juvenile in connection with the homicide. The victim, a 16-year-old student from the local Peabody High School, died of a gunshot wound. Authorities are appealing to the community for help in stopping gun violence.

The shooting took place on the 900 block of University Street on Sunday, March 24. Police responded to a call of shots fired around 3 a.m. The officers found the victim, Deontay Gibson, dead. The shooting occurred after police received a second call indicating a shooting victim on Hope Street. As a result, police were able to arrest Nelson and the suspect. The investigation is ongoing.

Built in 1966

The Purple Heart Memorial Bridge spans the Red River between downtown Alexandria and Pineville. This four-lane steel vertical-lift bridge replaced the old Fulton Street bridge. Built in 1966, the bridge connects Highway 167 to Interstate 49 in Alexandria. Built on University Street in the downtown area, the bridge is now the city’s main thoroughfare. The Purple Heart Memorial Bridge is one of the city’s most popular attractions, and is a symbol of pride and accomplishment.

This historic building was originally constructed in the early 1960s and was subsequently replaced with a “modern” structure in 2013. The new structure cost nearly $1.5 million and was inaugurated by the Mayor of Alexandria, George W. Bowdon, Jr., who presided over ribbon-cutting ceremonies. The United States flag was raised during the ceremony, and the building features underground parking. The building was designed by the Alexandria firm Barron, Heinberg & Brocato. The construction of Interstate I-49 altered the city’s landscape, and the Alexandria Campus adapted.

Average home value of $1,172

Despite the recent soaring housing prices, most neighborhoods in Alexandria remain affordable is a key factor in determining where to buy a home. Alexandria has twenty-three distinct neighborhoods, each with their own price ranges. Sonia Quarters is the most affordable neighborhood in the city, with a median listing price of $28K. There are many reasons to consider buying a home in Alexandria.

The median property value in Alexandria, LA was $136,200 in 2019. The city’s homeownership rate was 62.6%, and 97.5% of residents were U.S. citizens. Most residents commuted alone to work, with the average commute time being 23.6 minutes. There were only a few foreign-born residents in Alexandria, LA, with only 2% not speaking English.

Location of Alexandria Campus

The University of Alexandria’s original campus was on University Street, Alexandria, Virginia. The university recently relocated this campus downtown to a new location at the corner of Murray Street and 5th Street. In 2013, the Louisiana Legislature passed ACT 360 to modernize community and technical colleges. As part of the legislation, the university was required to provide a local match of 12.5 percent, which it provided. The Alexandria campus building is expected to be complete by the fall of 2019. The campus building will include the renovation of the McCormick Building and construction of a new wing.

The campus is easily accessible from I-95 and 1495. The school is also a short walk from the bus stop at Alexandria Tech Center. There is ample parking available on campus for students. In addition to offering ample free parking, the campus is also near the Eisenhower Ave Metro station. This makes it easy to commute to classes and campus facilities. In addition, the campus is located close to the University’s main building.

Schools in the area

The Alexandria Museum of Art is located downtown along the Red River and serves as the campus for the local LSUA. The museum is also located within the historic Rapides Bank and Trust Company building. It hosts a number of multidisciplinary community events, including art exhibitions, lectures, and concerts. Located in the Cultural Arts District, the museum also hosts Second Saturday Markets and Museum Afterhours.

The Louisiana State University at Alexandria is a full four-year university that enrolls 3,770 students for the Fall 2021 semester. Founded in 1898, the university is part of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. It began offering baccalaureate degrees in 2003 and is located on an 81-acre campus across from Emmanuel Baptist Church. Students can earn a Bachelor’s degree at the university, or pursue a Master’s or Doctorate degree.

Nearby attractions

Located on 33 acres in historic Bringhurst City Park, the Alexandria Zoological Park features over 500 animals from more than 50 species. Four themed habitats allow visitors to get up close and personal with the animals. The park also features a cotton gin, which produces 900 bales of cotton each day. For visitors who love animals, this park is the perfect place to spend the day. Alexandria is also an excellent destination for families, as there are many museums and nature trails for families to enjoy.

During the warmer months, there are a variety of events and festivals held in the area. The annual festival is one of the city’s most important events, attracting over one hundred thousand attendees each year. Events at the festival range from carnival rides to motorcycle parades, and include live music, carnival rides, and colorful costumes. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the festival, which takes place each year on University Street. The farmers market, held weekly throughout the year, is a great place to buy fresh produce and other items.

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