Fordham University School Colors

What are the school colors of Fordham University? Maroon and White are two of the options, and the hood lining is also an option. Maroon takes its name from the French word marron, which is a chestnut color. So you’ve got the school colors, but how do you match them? Continue reading to find out! And don’t forget about the hood lining! Read on to find out what the colors mean.


The official Fordham University school colors are maroon and white. The university’s athletic teams play in the Atlantic 10 Conference and the Patriot League of the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision. The Rams’ colors are maroon and white, and they support a number of club teams and a hefty intramural sports program. The university also has several athletic booster clubs. However, you should not assume that the university’s colors will be the same as the national ones.

The colors are not always easy to distinguish from other schools, but you can use them as a starting point for your own design. The colors of Fordham University are known as the school mascot, and they are used in all official marketing materials. The university’s official colors are maroon and white, but you can also use these for your own projects. This article provides a brief history of the Fordham University school colors.


Fordham University sports teams compete in the Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The football team plays in the Football Championship Subdivision and wears maroon and white as its school colors. The athletic team first appeared in 1933 and is known as the Rams. Whether you’re looking for a logo or a sports uniform, the Rams are sure to make a statement. Fordham University’s school colors are white and maroon, so make sure you use these colors on all of your print or digital projects.

The Fordham University logo uses two colors: Maroon and White. The school’s logo is used on all university websites, as well as on its letterhead, and is used officially by the university. However, if you are looking for a free Fordham University logo for your personal or commercial project, you should be aware of a few rules. Using Fordham University’s logo on your project is not illegal, and we hope this article has helped you make a decision.


The colors used for the graduation hoods and gowns of Fordham University students vary depending on their degree program. A Bachelor of Science degree should have golden yellow velvet trim, while a Master of Public Administration in Science and Technology program should have peacock blue velvet trim. The school colors are meant to be a reflection of their chosen field of study. Originally, the colors were based on the department governing major work.

The hood is a symbolical garment worn by graduates in commencement ceremonies. Hoods are worn around the neck and over the shoulders, with the color of the institution reflected in the lining. The hood also features a velvet trimmed edge to signify the scholar’s field of study. These hoods are an important component of academic costume, and they have evolved from simple practical garments into expressive and symbolic items.

hood lining

The history of the hood lining for Fordham University is somewhat obscure. The first mention of Fordham’s hood lining is in an advertisement from October 1897 by Cotrell & Leonard. That makes sense; a university that had the same color scheme as Fordham was a member of the IBAC sometime in the 1890s. The hood lining for Fordham University is described in an IBAC list from 1918, but is difficult to identify from those of other schools with similar colors.

The hood lining for Fordham is maroon velvet, not silk or satin. Instead, this school’s colors are reflected in the material of the hood. The hood is a collegiate-licensed piece of apparel. While the hoodie is available in full-sizes, it also comes in large sizes. Other features include smooth neck tape finishes and stitch cover topstitching.

Marymount College

Tarrytown, New York was the home of the women’s college, Marymount College. It became part of Fordham University in 2007, and the campus closed in 2008. The last class graduated in 2007 and the campus was sold. Its school colors are purple and gold. These colors represent the college’s Catholic heritage. In 2008, the school ceased operations and sold its campus. However, it still maintains the Marymount College name.

In 1975, Marymount introduced Weekend College, which allowed students to earn their degrees on weekends. In 1976, Fordham began offering graduate-level programs near Marymount’s campus, which did not affect the independent status of the college. In 2017, Marymount celebrated its 90th anniversary, and a celebratory Mass was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The celebration included a mass, composed by renowned Marymount music professor Donna Cribari.

Fordham Rams

The school colors of Fordham University are maroon and white. The school is also a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, and the Rams compete in college football. In addition to the varsity teams, the school also supports several intramural sports and a number of club sports. Students can become active in the school’s athletic booster clubs and support the team through the Fordham Rams Club Sports. This article will give you some background information on the Fordham Rams.

While the Fordham University colors are well-known, you might be wondering when they were first adopted. While Fordham was using magenta, Harvard was also using it. This conflict led to disagreements over the official color. The newly-installed College president, Rev. William Gockeln, discussed which color was best. He suggested a color that was less common, but was still noticeable. Stephen Wall suggested maroon, which is not widely used today.

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