Dion’s Pizza on Gibson and University Boulevards in Albuquerque, NM

Dion’s is a unique pizza shop that was founded in 2009. The restaurant serves a variety of pizzas, including gluten-free and vegan options. The restaurant also offers special lunch and dinner packages. It has an award-winning chef and an acclaimed menu. The restaurant is located in the heart of Manhattan.

Is Dion’s nm only?

Dion’s is a family-oriented pizza restaurant in Albuquerque, NM. They serve various kinds of pizza and salads as well as submarine sandwiches. Their pizza is some of the best in town, and they have a great selection and atmosphere. You can eat here alone, with a large group, or with family and friends.

The shooting happened on the corner of University and Gibson Boulevards in Albuquerque on July 21, 2017. The Albuquerque Police Department says they are looking for a suspect in the case and are aware of information that could lead to an arrest. On the anniversary of the shooting, the family of Martin Recio released balloons as a memorial to him.

Who is the owner of Dion’s?

The Albuquerque Police Department is looking for information about the shooting death of 14-year-old Martin Recio in the parking lot of Dion’s on Gibson and University Boulevards. The police department believes someone has information that will lead to an arrest. On the one-year anniversary of the shooting, Recio’s family released balloons as a memorial to their son.

Where is Dion’s from?

Dion’s is a Greek-American restaurant chain. Founded in 1998, the name derives from the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. However, the name was shortened to Dion’s due to inflation. The restaurant’s founders wanted to honor the wine experience, rather than the god’s opulent attributes. In the transition period, the founders continued making pizza. The pizza-centric menu remained popular among local customers.

In the early 1960s, Dion’s moved to the Columbia label. This led to a string of big hits, including “Ruby Baby.” During the mid-’60s, Dion was addicted to heroin. As a result, she recorded few songs and did little performing. After a couple of years, she began experimenting with bluesier sounding tunes. Now, Dion has 23 locations in three states and employs over 1,600 people.

Dion’s’ popularity has made her a favorite among locals. Before launching her career as a solo artist, Dion began recording as a lead singer in a band on a Bronx street corner. The group was called Dion & the Belmonts, and it had previously recorded with the Timberlanes. Her first records were prime Italian-American doo wop. Her biggest hit with the Belmonts was “A Teenager in Love.” Her first solo album “I’m Not In Love” was released in 1966, and she quickly moved on to other groups.

What is Dion’s mix?

Dion’s is a family-oriented pizza place with several locations in Albuquerque. This restaurant offers a wide selection of pizzas, pasta, salads, and submarine sandwiches. It is known for its homemade dressings and has several varieties, including ranch, reduced-fat ranch, raspberry vinaigrette, and many others. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and is good for groups.

Why is Dion’s Pizza so good?

If you’re looking for a good slice of pizza, try Dion’s. Their pizza is an average NY-esque pizza in an easily accessible format. They’re half-way between a floppy, thin crust NY pizza and a bready hand-tossed pizza. The pizza doesn’t have true New Mexican Hatch Green Chile, but you won’t find that in Dion’s. The prices are reasonable, too, which makes them great for those on a budget.

The original concept for Dion’s started in Greece. Two business partners decided to bring the Mediterranean style to New Mexico. The restaurant changed its name and menu, and has since expanded into Colorado and Texas. Since then, the original restaurant concept has become a local institution, welcomed by both locals and visitors alike.

Originally, the pizza place was named after the Greek god Dionysus. However, the cost of a sign depicting the Greek God made the sign prohibitively expensive, so Scott and Patten decided to change the name to “Dion’s”. Nevertheless, the pizza has gained a loyal following in New Mexico, thanks to its affordable prices, fresh toppings, and a classic Italian style.

How long has Dions been in business?

Dion’s is a family-owned and operated grocery store with 10 locations in the Florida Keys and two in South Dade County. With over a half-century in business, this locally-owned chain has become one of the favorite stops for area residents. Although it competes with the national chains, Dion’s remains a favorite stop for locals.

The company is expanding this summer, with plans to open a new location in Aurora, Colorado. Dion’s already operates a location in Colorado Springs, and its other locations are in New Mexico and Texas. Jon Patten and Bill Scott founded Dion’s in the late 1970s. As of today, the company is comprised of more than 1,600 employees and operates 23 restaurants in three states.

The chain’s reputation for fresh, authentic pizza has helped it earn several awards over the years. The company has been named one of the top five quick-service restaurants by Albuquerque the Magazine numerous times, and has also been named “Best Pizza” by the Albuquerque Journal’s Readers’ Choice Awards. It is also known for being a pillar of the community, supporting numerous youth organizations, and conducting educational tours for preschoolers.

Where was Dion’s Pizza founded?

Dion’s is a privately owned chain of pizza restaurants based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company plans to have 25 locations by 2020, and currently operates twenty in the state. It also operates two restaurants in Texas and three in Colorado. The company has been in business for over 25 years, and today is still growing.

Dion’s is known for its quality ingredients and efficient service. The restaurant is immaculate and offers plenty of seating, drive-up service, and even a viewing area where children can see the pizza-makers at work. The company only serves food it’s proud of, and it also strives to keep its restaurants clean and sanitary.

In 1978, Dion’s opened its first restaurant in Albuquerque. It received positive press coverage in the Albuquerque Journal and soon opened another location. Since then, the company has grown to include more than twenty locations in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas.

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