Apartments Near Whitworth University

Apartments Near Whitworth University

apartments near whitworth university

When searching for an apartment near Whitworth University, you will need to keep in mind that your lease may only last for the school semester. If you are not sure if you’ll complete your degree, it is better to find a place outside of school that offers a longer lease. Another consideration is whether you’ll be bringing your personal belongings with you. A short-term lease may not be for you.

Rockwood at Whitworth

Residents of the Rockwood at Whitworth apartments near the Whitworth University will enjoy the proximity to the campus. With the nearby Rockwood University, residents will be close to recreational activities and classes. A new partnership between Rockwood and Whitworth University will enhance access to the university for alumni. Residents can expect to benefit from discounts on classes and athletic events. In addition, Whitworth students will gain employment opportunities through the partnership. The Whitworth University community and Rockwood are proud to be associated with this community.

The Rockwood at Whitworth senior living redevelopment project will add hundreds of new apartments to the north side of Spokane. It will feature amenities and services that meet the needs of senior citizens. The project will begin with the demolition of the current senior living facility and include a three-story complex with 48 assisted-living apartments and common areas. It is projected to open in January 2021. Currently, the project will be completed in phases, so prospective residents can choose the best one.

Ball and Chain Lane

For decades, the Ball and Chain Lane apartments in the vicinity of Whitworth University were the epitome of luxury. When Mrs. Jim Doherty moved in during the 1950s, she claimed the building included all the conveniences of home, including air conditioning in the winter and a heater in the summer. Even though it was still a relatively modest building, Ball and Chain Lane was a rarity on campus.

The Ball and Chain Lane community played an important role in the local community. The women formed a Wives’ Club, and held monthly meetings to foster ties among each other. They organized potluck dinners and shared time baking, and went on play dates with their children. The men, meanwhile, formed a baseball team and competed against other dorms. Those involved in the community found it easy to get along with classmates.

Innovation Lab Building

If you’re looking for an apartment near Whitworth University, look no further. This Christian institution is one of the best places to live in Spokane. Located on the northern edge of Spokane, this university offers over 100 undergraduate degrees. Students at the university can walk to class, enjoy the outdoor activities at Holmberg Conservation Area, and explore downtown Spokane’s Riverfront Park. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why the Innovation Lab Building is one of the best places to live near the university.

In addition to its high-tech facilities, the new Whitworth Innovation Lab will also be a place for students to study engineering. Students who study at Whitworth will be prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s engineers through a broad interdisciplinary education. A well-equipped lab will assist students in prototyping, designing, and presenting their findings. Whitworth expects this new space to benefit thousands of students from various disciplines and fields.

Study abroad program

Students interested in a study abroad program have many options, including Whitworth’s faculty-led programs and exchange and partner programs. The Office of International Education provides advising for both faculty-led and independent programs and can also provide information about specific destinations. Study abroad opportunities can take place on campus or off, depending on your interests and preferences. Students can also take advantage of study abroad advising hours during their first semester at Whitworth.

Students who are looking for a study abroad program can choose between the numerous options available through the Center for Career & Professional Development. The university’s programs offer many different types of programmatic options and financial structures. Typically, participants must pay full tuition at Whitworth University, but can apply financial aid packages toward program expenses. In addition to applying for Whitworth’s programs, students must also apply to the CCCU’s website.

Dining hall

Looking for apartments near Whitworth University? McMillan Hall is one of the most popular dorms on campus. It has served as a chapel, library, classrooms, and even a biology lab in the past. In 1914, the college dedicated its first building on campus, originally known as the Young Ladies Dormitory. The building was later named for the Reverend Hugh McMillan, who was instrumental in the move to Spokane.

Campus tour

Taking a campus tour at Whitworth University is an excellent way to learn more about the college and its programs. This small, liberal arts college is a Presbyterian institution, but feels more like a Cal Lutheran college than a Pepperdine. Students and faculty are required to write a statement of faith, and chapel is held twice a week. You’ll also need to take three general education courses and a biblical literature course.

Students at Whitworth must live on campus for the first two years, and there is no Greek system, but students can live in theme houses and participate in community events every month. Whitworth is conveniently located just outside of downtown Spokane, and students benefit from abundant internship opportunities and small class sizes. This allows professors to interact with students. There are many benefits to attending Whitworth University, and taking a campus tour of the campus can help you decide whether this is a good fit for you.

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